Sex writer Karley Sciortino looks up, down, and inside to find answers that challenge outdated notions of female sexuality, gender, and love.

Duration:22 min




Season 1 - Slutever
"In the name of gender equality, Karley hunts for a happy ending massage for women. Turns out it's harder to find than you think."
"Karley spends time with a dominatrix and her platonic lifestyle slave and finds an unexpected dynamic."
"Karley travels to San Francisco to meet the female creators of weed lube, with the hopes of getting her orgasms to a higher state of consciousness."
"Karley investigates the kink travel industry and goes dungeon hunting with a specialized real estate agent, hoping to plan the perfect vacation for sluts worldwide."
"Karley meets with members of the trans community who want to open the conversation around trans sexuality, including trans icon and educator Buck Angel."
"Live sex camming offers a more personal and interactive alternative to porn. Karley meets with cam girls to investigate whether camming is the future of adult entertainment."
"Karley wonders whether investing money in her sex life will improve it. With the help of icon Dita Von Tesse, explores the world of luxury sex, from gold dildos to custom latex."
"2018 marks the year of the sex robot. As AI enters the adult market, Karley meets the engineers behind the companions and wonders if robots will steal our boyfriends."
"Karley hangs out with a group of ecosexuals who believe that having sex with the Earth can save it. She meets the creator of crystal sex toys and commits to marrying a tree."
"Karley meets the creators of dragon dildos and explores the world of monster erotica, discovering that monster sex fantasies are more common than expected."
Season 2 - Slutever
"Through meeting the erotic innovators in the world of virtual reality, Karley becomes a porn avatar and learns that VR Porn is more than just jizz in 3D."
"Pussy is undergoing a massive rebrand. Karley goes on a journey to find the true meaning of pussy power, meets sex witches, a yoni alchemist, and a sex-positive feminist icon."
"Karley explores the world of open relationships to find out if it's possible to have more than one partner without turning into a jealous demon."
"After realizing that sex ed in America is trash, Karley meets the slutty superheroes who are shaping the future of sex education through real sex videos and pleasure classes."
"After finding out that animal role play is actually a thing, Karley hangs out with human kittens, ponies, and puppies to find out: what is so sexy about being a pet?"
"From bi porn sets to pegging classes, Karley explores male sexual fluidity by asking the age old question: do bisexual men exist?"
"Karley investigates the growing phenomenon of sugar daddy websites, and meets college sugar babies who are monetizing their relationships."
"With strip club culture entering the mainstream, Karley spends time with multiple erotic dancers and their fans to find out: are strippers the new \"It Girls\"?"